Dessehra and Spirituality

Dussehra and Spirituality!

Lessons to Learn:

1. Victory of Good over Evil
no matter how powerful is the evil, it will come to an end one day. in the end truth, justice and goodness prevails.

2. On this day Burn the Seeds of Passion and Ignorance inside you
This day the effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Meghnaad are burnt. This is symbolic that we also burn the qualities which spoil the Mind that is Lust, Anger, Greed, too much Pride, Jealousy, Selfishness, Injustice, Cruelty and Ego. Ravana’s Ten heads represent these ten qualities.

3. Truth and Dharma Always Win at the End
If we are on the side of Truth then we will always Win. At the most Justice might be delayed but you will always get it.
So have Patience like lord Rama and stick to the path of Dharma. Don’t cheat any one. Don’t Claim anything which is ethically not yours. Don’t take Bribe, Don’t Promote Corruption and Don’t be Greedy.

4. Don’t be Egoistic
Ravana became too much egoistic about his powers. he thought that no can defeat him. his super ego was the cause of his fall.
Ravana was one of the most wise and learnt person of his time. He is considered as one of the greatest devotee of Lord Shiva. He had mastered all the four vedas and shastras. he was a great veena player and master of astrology and ayurveda. but he didn’t leave his ego. If he had attained the mastery of his inner self, he would not have been defeated.
So keep your ego in check and listen to your Inner Voice.

These days Man is on the footsteps of Ravana. We are out to Conquer the whole world but we are not Mastering our Inner World.
Despite all these technological inventions, people are Still Miserable, Sad and Depressed. We are Claiming our Rights over the whole Earth but forget that Birds and Animals also have the equal Right to Live.
In our Greed for Power, the Natural Resources of the Earth are being Threatened.

5. Don’t ever try to Deceive or Let Down your own Relations.
If Kekayi had not asked for 14 year vanwas for the son Ram as a boon, Ram would not have gone for Exile.
If Vibhishan had not revealed the secret of his brother Ravan’s Demise, Ravana coyld not have been killed.

6. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Common Men
Ravana always thought that Human Beings and Monkeys are too Weak to do any Harm to him.
When he asked the Boon from Lord Brahma, for Imortality and Protection, he didn’t mention about the Humans.
So, as per the boon given to him by Lord Brahma, No Devta, Deity, Yaksha, Serpents, Heavenly spirits, Wild beasts etc could kill him.
That is why Lord Vishnu have to take the birth in Human form to kill Ravana.
Hence, Never be Over Confident. Stay Humble.

7. Follow the Path of Dharma
Vibhishana Chose to Follow the Path of Dharma instead of supporting his elder brother Ravana.
He was rewarded for this.

8. A Mother Always Protects her Children from Evil Deeds of others.
Always Respect her.
Vijayadashmi is the Killing of the Evil BullDemon Mahishasur by Goddess Maa Durga!!

Let’s Kill the Ravana Within!


Not only Burning the effigies of Ravana,

The festival of ‘Dusshera’, also known as ‘Vijaya Dashmi’, is enthusiastically celebrated every year.
It symbolizes the Victory of Good over Evil and Truth over Falsehood.

Dussehra is celebrated by burning the effigies of the ten-headed devil Ravana, who was believed to be the King of Lanka. The world is Totally Ignorant about the Presence of Ravana in the Human beings.
In Ramayana, it is said that Ravana, who, despite being a very ardent devotee of God Shiva, had abducted Rama’s wife Sita, mainly because of his ego and vice of sex-lust. Later, Rama with the help of an army of monkeys (Vanar Sena), fought a war with Ravan.

In the present Kaliyuga, all human beings are inflicted by Ravana, i.e., five vices (Sex-Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Ego). That is why Ravana is shown to have ten heads, i.e., symbols of five vices each in men and women.

In Sanskrit also, Dussehra means taking away of ten vices. Thus, Ravana is more of a symbol of these vices rather than a historical figure.

Dussehra symbolizes the burning of these vices from their root, which is possible only when we, the souls who have become vicious and sinful because of bodyconsciousness, and because of ignorance of true knowledge,
Are Enlightened by Almighty God Shiva with these very aspects.

The ever-increasing influence of these deeply rooted five vices and their progeny such as jealousy, cunningness, laziness, carelessness etc. can be evidenced from the increasing size of effigies of Ravana which are burnt every year.
This proves that despite burning Ravana’s effigies every year, we have failed to burn the real Ravana. This is evidenced by innumerable nuclear weapons and missiles which have been invented by various nations to destroy the enemy countries.

According to Godly knowledge, nuclear wars, natural calamities and civil wars become instrumental in the great transformation of the old, vicious, dirty Kaliyugi world. And, in order to give us our birthright of liberation and fruition, He takes the help of us children, who before receiving this Godly knowledge were so vicious and sinful like monkeys. Monkey is such an animal who possesses all the five vices at extreme, more than any other creature. The same fact has been mentioned apparently in Ramayana that in order to kill Ravana, Rama had taken the help of an army of monkeys.

We must introspect and try to find out the reason why despite celebrating these festivals year after year, we haven’t become viceless or pure? Why even after reading these sacred scriptures a number of times, our minds and intellects are still polluted and we keep on doing misdeeds day after day.

Let’s understand that God has given us the slogan, “World Transformation through Self Transformation.”
Quarrels, fights and confrontations have literally become the accepted norms of the day even for petty matters. Not even a single person is happy and peaceful. The cremation of the 5 vices, as mentioned earlier, will be the real celebration of Dusshera.

It is said that Charity Begins at home.
If I want to change the world, I need to change myself first. So, very less time has been left before we make our final journey to our Sweet Silence Home, i.e., Incorporeal World, for which we must all need to put in our best efforts to burn our past sins and misdeeds and thus become viceless and pure. This has been proved by the various Natural Calamities and Occurrences Destroying Human Life.
But this destruction will be followed by the establishment of new world – Golden Age or Paradise, where everything will be pure and fresh.

So, in order to be part of the new civilization, on this auspicious occasion of Dusshera,
Let’s take a moment for Deep Spiritual Introspection and Free ourselves from the Bondage of Greed, the Lust for Power and a Slave of Promiscuity and make God our eternal companion for True Peace, Happiness and Prosperity.

Let’s pledge on this Dussehra, to Forge all Relationships with God, Imbibe 8-Spiritual Powers (Symbolicaly represented as 8 weapons in 8 hands of Durga) viz.
The power to withdraw,
The power to pack up, The power to tolerate, The power to accommodate,
The power of discrimination,
The power to judge,
The power to face,
The power to co-operate

and Burn the Vicious Ravana from our Mind, and Intellect completely.

This will be celebrating Dusshera in the real sense.!

Happy greetings on the auspicious festival of Dusshera-Vijaya Dashmi-Festival of the victory of Good Over Evil!!

Spiritual Significance of the Nine nights of Navratri! Navaratri is dedicated to Goddess Durga. Goddess Durga is believed to be the combination of Trinity of gloddesses – Laxmi, Parvati, Saraswati. Three days are assigned to each goddess during the nine divine days of Navaratri. Remove Negative Tendencies: During the first three days of Navaratri, Goddess Durga is worshipped in her Terrifying, Destructive and Powerful form. During these three days, the devotees pray to the goddess to destroy their Imperfections. They pray to be made pure so as to receive the divine and spiritual energy of the goddess. Positive Attitude Brings Success: Goddess Laxmi is the symbol of Prosperity, the Shakti who brings prosperity. During the next three days, Goddess Durga is worshipped in her prosperity-bestowing form. During the first three days, we remove our Negative attitude; hence, in the next three days, positive attitude replaces the negative attitude. With a positive and optimistic attitude, devotees pray for removing obstacles and bringing success in their path. Importance of Knowledge: Knowledge is very important for a human to live life. Saraswati is not just the Goddess of Knwledge, she is also Shakti, who bestows Wisdom. On the fifth, seventh and eighth day, devotees worship goddess Saraswati. Without removing negative tendencies and without having wealth of love, inner peace and calmness, one cannot attain divine knowledge. We first have to purify ourselves to get the path of wisdom. Goddess Saraswati bestows the shakti (energy) to the devotees so that they can attain knowledge And Move forward towards Mental Peace and Wisdom!!

Happy Father’s Day

Any man can become a father, it requires Courage to be a Dad! If Mothers are the Cradle of happiness for their child, Father’s are the Stands on which the cradle sits. They let our ambitions and passions live while keeping their own in the backburners. A dad or the first man a Girl makes friend and falls in love with. He is the one who a boy looks upto. For a girl, her dad is the ultimate benchmark to judge a guy. Truly said, ” Any fool can have a child. That doesn’t make him a father. It’s the Courage to raise a child that makes him a Father “!!

Our Thoughts are the Foundation, the Inspiration and the Motivation Behind our Deeds.

We Create our Entire World by the Way we Think.

Our Circumstances and Conditions are Not Dictated by the Outside world, but by the world Inside Us and What we Make of it.

If Our Thoughts are PURE, these Will Automatically Lead to NOBLE Actions.
If or Thoughts are Filled with Jealousy, Hatred and Greed, So Will Be our Actions. Leaving us with an Agitated Mind.

Our Thoughts Have More Far Reaching Consequences than our Actual Deeds.
It’s Useless to Do a Charitable Act For a Motive Rather than Selflessness.

We Alone Have the Choice to Instill ourselves With Loving and Positive Thoughts, so that the Same Get Reflected in our Actions!

” What we Think we Become “!!

Where there is a ‘Will’, there is a Way.

Sometimes, in our daily lives, we plan to do something new to remove ourselves from the boredom of the daily routine,
even if it is cooking a new dish.

But then, drop the idea, because of the uncertainty of it turning out good in appearance or the fear of not being tasty.
These negative thoughts bar us from following our ‘will’ to do it.
If our ‘will’ to succeed is accompanied by positiveness and good thoughts, it surely comes out right and is tasty too.

Sometimes, even when a patient is seviourly I’ll, it is the ‘will to survive’ that makes him/her come out of danger and live again a happy life.

Thus, it has been rightly said,

” It’s the Will that’s awakened in the darkness, which brings us to a permanent light “!!


‘Mother’, the Word itself Symbolizes Love, Respect, Care, Sacrifice, Selflessness.

A Mother Always Remembers her Babies – the Folds of Soft Flesh, the Softly Furred Scalp against her nose.
Each Child Has Its Own Entreaties to Body and Souls.

With All her Love, Care and Attention, a Mother Always Fuels you Up, Everytime, to Make our Lives Better and Worth Living.

Behind All your Stories is Your Mother’s Story, Because, Hers Is Where Yours Begin.

We, Daughters, Have So Many Dreams of our Own, and Remember Things From our Childhood, From When We were a Girl to Becoming a Young Woman, a Mother.

So, Why Do We Forget What our Moms Went Through!

She Didn’t Have the Opportunity to Pursue her Dreams, and All by Herself, Faced Everything the Era Dealt With her, Hardships and Sadness.

She Couldn’t Do Anything about het Bad Lot in Life Other than Suffer Through It, Get Beyond It and Live her Life to the Very Best of Her Ability, Giving her Body and Heart to it Completely.

Why We Never Give a thought to our Mom’s Dreams?!

Whenever There is Something Not Going Well in our Lives, we Habitually Think of our Mothers, Because Thinking of her Makes us Come Back on the Right Track and Feel Re-energized.

The Responsibilities of a Mother CANNOT BE Truthfully and Successfully Delegated, Whether They May Be Day-Centres, Schools, Nurseries, Baby-sitters, Pre-school Training Outside the Home For Young Children.
Not only Does this Put Added Pressure on the Budget, but Places Young Children In an Environment Away from Mother’s Influence.

Too Often, the Pressure for Popularity, on Children and Teens, Places an Economic Burden On the Income of the Father.
So, the Mother Feels she Must Go to Work to Satisfy her Children’s Needs.
That Decision Can Be the Most Short-sighted.

It is a Mother’s Influence During the Crucial Formative Years that Forms a Child’s Basic Character.
Home is the Place Where a Child Learns Faith, Feels Live, and Thereby Learns To
Choose Righteousness.

When We Tend to Think Much About Ourselves For Our Own Selfish Motives,
the Best Cure Is To Help Somebody Who is Worse Than You!

Mothers Are God-Gifted and Cannot Be Replaced.

The Best Gift that Fathers Can Give To Their Children Is To RESPECT their MOTHERS!!

Everyday Should Be a Mother’s Day!

Proud to Be a Mother!!